CF United 2009; FusionDox 2009 for Railo 3.1 development complete; FusionDox Access new features

FusionDox CTO Andrew Schwabe will be in Leesburg Virginia 11-13 Aug 2009 for CF United, and will be speaking on integrating Flex and Google App Engine (GAE). More information is available on the CF United website at

We have completed development for FusionDox 2009 to run on Railo 3.1. We have been quite impressed with the performance, and are looking forward to working with Railo to deliver a low cost alternative for deploying FusionDox.

We have also hit our next milestone for FusionDox Access, and now have full versioning capability working for FTP storage, live editing capability with the FusionDox client, and dynamic PDF previews of documents off of FTP and other repositories. Look for a demo of FusionDox Access at CF United 2009!