ChampionONE Group Announced as Sales Agency

IEXP Software Appoints ChampionOne Group as Sales Agent for FusionDox Platform and Product Line

DOWNINGTOWN, PA (February 8, 2008) -- IEXP Software, a privately held company, today announced a sales agency agreement with ChampionOne Group. This agreement gives ChampionOne Group the rights to market IEXP Software products, including its flagship document management technology "FusionDox" to industries worldwide. ChampionOne Group will focus on the Fortune 2000 and also build a Small Business channel through third parties.

IEXP Software's FusionDox platform is well known among developers of Adobe's ColdFusion product since FusionDox is the leading commercial software solution based on Adobe's application server. The FusionDox platform includes technology and tools for enhancing business productivity and automating business processes. The product line includes its patent-pending "Live Edit" system for one-click editing of documents through a user's web browser, which is compatible with both Microsoft Office and competitive products such as OpenOffice.

The appointment of ChampionOne Group as a sales agent for IEXP Software represents an exciting opportunity to bring FusionDox technology to expand its market focus beyond education and manufacturing applications where it has seen the majority of its present success. "FusionDox is a robust platform and offers the market a unique ability to deploy a scalable and flexible Document Management System," stated Bill Lavinder, Managing Director of ChampionOne Group. "At the 2008 AIIM Show in Boston, we expect FusionDox to be one of the more exciting products on display. We are extremely optimistic with the Market Opportunity for FusionDox."

To coincide with this new relationship, IEXP Software is releasing two new product editions: FusionDox Essentials, and FusionDox Access, both targeted at the SMB sector. IEXP Software's president, Andrew Schwabe, said "IEXP Software and ChampionOne Group share the goal to reach more of the small and medium business market with tools that will help them run their organizations, their medical practices, their small businesses more efficiently and focus on what they do best."


About IEXP Software
IEXP Software is a company specializing in fully web-based document management technology. Since 2005, IEXP Software has been delivering document management solutions to engineering companies and educational facilities to help organize and manage critical documents and knowledge. IEXP Software's research and development group focuses on overcoming hurdles with industry standard technologies, such as providing tools for users to easily, securely and reliably upload large files through their browser.

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About ChampionOne Group
ChampionOne Group is a partnership of seasoned business development executives that specialize in capturing market share for their respective clients. The company has aligned with several software companies that are delivering SAAS and traditional Software to the Fortune 2000 market. The company also offers strategic consulting services, designed to optimize execution and drive profits of small to medium sized businesses.

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