FusionDox 2009 Edition Announced

We are wrapping up primary development for FusionDox 2009 edition. This new version will be the first to be offered in both "Essentials" and "Enterprise" flavors. Upgrades will be available for all customers with an active support plan.

FusionDox Essentials is for managing a library of files and is designed to be low cost and meet the needs of small and medium sized businesses (SMB).

The Enterprise (IDM or Integrated Document Management) product will continue to meet the needs of the organizations using it while adding powerful new functionality and optimizations making it the most flexible document management platform available today.

Here is the current list of features scheduled to be included in the 2009 edition (although this is subject to change):

  • Basic and Advanced User Types - Set non-technical users to have a more simplified and easier experience
  • Workflow chains - link multiple workflows together
  • Workflow Code Modules - create code snippets to run as part of a workflow for automating tasks
  • Categorize and assign workflows to specific document types for quick workflow selection
  • Enhanced search interface - search results (keyword, attribute and archive) are now all more accurately ranked and presented with a brand new look and feel, built in Adobe Flex.
  • Active Directory/LDAP Integration - for authentication
  • Developer friendly database views - so developers can easily integrate with your FusionForm data directly at the SQL level
  • All new form controls
    • Embed forms within forms - for a dynamic parent-child data structure
    • Tab Navigator for forms - when you design your FusionForms, assign individual controls to different tabs
  • New configurable retention schedules per document type
  • And many more features!

We will keep the blog updated as we get close to a release date, and we will also upload screen caps and tutorials as we finalize the key features.