FusionDox 2009 feature highlights

FusionDox 2009 is nearing completion, and has been greatly influenced by new advances in technology and in our new product, FusionDox Access! Here are a few tidbits that have made it into the upcoming release of FusionDox 2009:

1. Dynamic PDF previews of documents

Now you can configure FusionDox so that it automatically generates PDF previews of your Microsoft Office documents (including office 2007), Open Office, Star Office, Word Perfect and more. Even Powerpoint presentations are dynamically converted so you can see and print content without checking out or downloading individual documents.

2. All new FusionDox client

Our new FusionDox client is powered by Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR. This system provides all the same ease of editing documents directly through your browser, but is now compatible with FireFox browsers, and is also compatible with Macintosh and Linux computers as well! This new system eliminates the browser security restrictions that existed with the old client making configuration a snap.

3. Per-document type retention policies

Now you can specify per document type how long it should sit in the system before archival. This allows you to have all your forms stay forever, while old PDF records get archived after a certain time of no activity.

4. All new search results interface

Search results are now displayed and ranked across folders, so the most relevant results always get displayed on top. In addition, you can now save search results and go back to them any time you want.

5. Easier multi-file uploads

Its easier than ever to keep your workspace paperless. Now you can batch upload and categorize files quickly right from any folder.

And there are many many more features... Stay tuned :)