IPhone and WebDav at CF.Objective ANZ

This year FusionDox co-sponsored CF Objective ANZ with Magic Industries, a Melbourne Australia based development company and FusionDox reseller.  The show is going great, and brings together a lot of serious talent from the south pacific region.

At this show, we are pleased to announce and demonstrate two new features of the FusionDox platform.

The new FusionDox iPhone mobile application allows users to link to their FusionDox repository to browse, search and view documents on their mobile device, including dynamic pdf previews of office documents.  We will be expanding on this platform as we gain feedback from users.

Webdav access for FusionDox is here!  We are in the final stages of development.  This capability will let you map your FusionDox installation as a shared drive on your Windows or Mac OSX computer.  From there you can double click to edit documents and save to it just like any network drive, but FusionDox takes care of all the revision management, indexing and check-in and check-out process for you.

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