Railo Support and FusionDox Live Edit

We have been busy here at FusionDox. We just concluded a southeast asia product tour, with big stops in Melbourne and Sydney Australia!

We are pleased to announce that we are very close to releasing a first update to FusionDox 2009 that adds support for Railo 3.1 open source edition. We are very excited about being able to deploy on Railo, which opens up lots of Java servers to run FusionDox.

In addition, we have officially begun the process of making our patent-pending Live Edit technology into a separate product. This client, built with Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR, enables developers to embed live one-click document editing into your web applications. We are planning plugins for your favorite CMS products, as well as an SDK for custom implementations.

Look for more information on these topics here and on our Facebook page!