Workflow Code Modules

We are wrapping up development for a new feature for workflow called "code modules."

The workflow engine in FusionDox IDM allows users and groups to be arranged in ordered or unordered sequences, but with this addition, you can also add CFML code snippets, or code modules, to your workflow. Code modules can contain any valid CFML code, and a FusionDox API document object is automatically created in the scope of the module for easy access to the document in the workflow.

The addition of code modules drastically enhances the capability of FusionDox' workflow engine, allowing automated code to run either as part of an interactive workflow (along with people/groups), or as a stand-alone automated process.

As with all other workflows, all the steps are tracked and logged, so you can go back to see when a module ran, and its results.

This feature is scheduled to be included in the upcoming FusionDox 2009 edition.