FusionDox is ahead of the curve in ease of use and extensibility.  Take a look at how it works:


With FusionDox, you immediately have support for all of the applications that you use every day.  We have complete support for Microsoft Office, and WordPerfect documents, accounting files such as Quickbooks, graphics and drafting files like Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD, and many others.  If you use a special file format that isn't setup in FusionDox by default, a few clicks in the included administrative tools is all it takes to get you up and running.

FusionDox generates PDF previews of all your office documents, you can get a quick glance at your documents before you download or edit them.

All your office documents are also full-text-indexed.  That means you can do a keyword search and find documents that contain your keywords inside your content.  In addition, you can search for documents based on document properties or assigned meta data.

End users on Windows, Macs or Linux PCs will have no problem with our easy-to-use patent-pending client software that makes document editing a snap.  One click opens documents up inside the correct application on your computer, and helps you easily upload it back to the repository.

WATCH: Editing A Microsoft Word Document in FusionDox 2009


"We've already had personnel commenting that the approvals process is much easier and workflow is a lot more flexible...”

Aaron, WEB Applications Specialist

Reduce time consuming data re-entry by implementing electronic business forms for your critical business processes.  FusionDox includes the tools you need so you can easily design secure forms for your users to complete right through your web browser.  A point and click designer lets you preview how forms will look, set security so that only certain users can view and modify portions of the form, and enter input tips.  Use FusionDox forms as data input for any purpose, whether it be for A/R or A/P information, paid time off requests, requisition forms, web content and more.

Developers can leverage the built in API tools to customize how forms look and function, and to integrate with external databases and applications, all the way down to the form field level, where you might, for example, have a drop-down list of data that comes from one of your existing databases.

WATCH: Form Designer - FusionDox 2009


Point and click assembly of reports and views let you easily create focused lists of documents and content easily, which you can then share to users based on their groups and roles to design worker queues, administrative reports and dashboard metrics.  You can even pull content from external databases and web services so that you can report against them inside FusionDox with the included portal services.

Developers have full control to customize report views, and design their own for brandability and custom integrations.


Design a console tailored to the role of your users, so they can see worker queues of documents, lists of items that need escalated, and even links to other applications or Single Sign-On (SSO) integration.

You have complete control over how your users interact with reports and data so you can only provide as much access as is required.


"FusionDox has so many out-of-the-box features that allow quick development times, but at the same time does not limit our creativity to find novel solution every day.”

Jason, Reseller

Our powerful workflow engine gives you creative control on how you want documents routed.  You can design workflows that require group or user participation, or completely automated processes with code modules.

At its simplest, you can point and click design workflows, you can let your users design ad-hoc or one-time workflows for simple approvals.  More involved workflows typically require the involvement of developers, or working with FusionDox professional services team.


All documents are automatically versioned in FusionDox, and a lot of information gets logged including who checks out and modifies documents, when and where a document gets published or distributed, and you can even track every user that views a document.  This information is critical for Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and other compliance standards.  This information is readily accessible so you can include it in any of your reports and views.