Core Document Library Features

Fusiondox's robust features combine to make an essential and affordable document library and management solution. From individual projects, small and medium sized organizations up to global enterprises, FusionDox's powerful document management feature set can deliver essential and cost-effective document / content management without the typical high that traditional ECM products represent.

Managing Documents and Content - FusionDox library and control services provides multiple levels of control to ensure that content is managed on-time, and easily located.

Check-in/Checkout - documents are locked during editing to ensure others cannot modify the same document at the same time.

Version Control - Full control of a document's version/revision history ensures that previous documents are stored to prevent loss and that a complete and auditable revision trail is provided.

WorkFlow and Process Automation – A powerful workflow approval system allows you to design custom, logical sequences to guide your document, form, or procedure through a standardized process. Enhance this with our code modules system allowing you to script completely automated processes to do anything from code generation to automatic publishing of content to your website.

Manage Interactive Procedures - FusionDox procedures allow you to define a fully automated step-by-step procedure.

File and Folder Notifications - Users can select to be notified via email if a file has been changed, updated, or add to a folder.

Full Text and Attribute Search - Users can search for documents and content based on keywords in their content, or by attributes, and can then save search results for future reference.  READ MORE