Why FusionDox ?

FusionDox is a full featured document management system, but is also a powerful development platform with all sorts of tools that are there for when you need them.  Discover ways that you can use this platform to automate business processes, streamline communication internally and externally, and integrate with your website and other business applications.


FusionDox makes the routine process of finding, editing and uploading documents incredibly simple.  A simple check-out, check-in system makes sure only one person can edit documents at a time.  A tree navigation system and powerful keyword search tools make finding documents a snap.  Editing documents through the browser is easy too -- FusionDox streamlines the editing process, so users don't have to worry about where to save documents, finding the files they downloaded or accidentally opening the wrong files.  SEE THE VIDEO


Chances are that FusionDox does way more out-of-the-box than your organization needs for your current project, but its good to know that when you need them, the tools are there.  Maybe you don't need workflow or process automation immediately, but when you are, its there.  As we continue to build on to FusionDox,  new features and add-ons are always included with upgrades for free, so as you grow with FusionDox, we intend to keep providing you with the right tools to increase productivity.


"We looked at numerous criteria to help us make our selection and FusionDox really stood out on several levels...”

Bob, IT Manager

Our goal with FusionDox is to never leave you stranded with a system that "almost" does what you need.  We provide tools for managers and developer that let you change screens, add and remove form fields, and tweak things to work for your organization.  For developers, you have deep levels of control for integration and can write custom code in Java, AJAX and CFML for automated processes.


FusionDox works with document types for all modern applications, and is designed to allow you to register new document types any time you want.  Do you use OpenOffice?  No problem, we support OpenOffice, Microsoft Office, Wordperfect, and many others.  Do you use a proprietary document file format?  No problem, register you own types any time you want.  Unlike competitive solutions, FusionDox provides the same management features to ANY type of document, not just your Microsoft Word files.


FusionDox costs up to 40% less than competitive solutions*.  Lower monthly cost means a quick return on investment and lower operating expense. 

* Compared to Microsoft Sharepoint and Alfresco Enterprise


"It has been a home run. You are so very talented at what you do, and the fact that you are super responsive is just awesome.”

Eric, Business Owner

If you kept reading past the "Lower Cost" benefit, then, like many other companies, you care about the whole package.  We are not a gigantic corporation who looks at our customers as numbers.  If you have a special request, let us know, we will work with you.  Our goal is to provide you with tools that help your organization be more efficient, so we really do care - and we know that if we do a great job, the word will spread.  It is our desire to make your experience working with our team easy and rewarding.