FusionDox’s flexible approach to process design gives users the tools to formalize their process via a FusionDox procedure, the approvals process, or a FusionForm. Workflow can be structured to auto-notify participants, provide delegation authority, prioritize tasks. Processes and routing efficiencies associated with forms such as a purchase order form or a document’s approval procedure will be dramatically improved.

Workflow can also serve as a primary tool in augmenting a business’s compliance efforts. Whether it's a quality policy or a federal mandate, workflow will help assure auditable processes are formalized and put into place.

The Key Benefits of Work Flow:

  • Better process control - standardize working methods and provide clear of audit trails
  • Flexibility – software tools allow fast re-design as businesss needs change
  • Improved efficiency - automating business processes and elimination of many unnecessary steps
  • Improved customer service – consistency leads to greater predictability
  • Business process improvement - focusing on you processes leads to streamlining and simplification